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WHO IS Not fade away?!


This is rock 'n' roll like you've never heard (or seen) before! This young group has been taking the country by storm with their amped-up renditions of classic hit songs from legends like Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, The Beatles, Ritchie Valens, Jerry Lee Lewis, and more. These guys will have you singing and dancing along, at any age, shaking things up, causing a riot, and leaving you completely blown away.
This isn't the typical tribute or cover band you've become accustomed to.
This is Rock 'n' Roll Reignited.

Contact and Socials

Instagram: @notfadeawayshow
Facebook: @notfadeawayshow
Music: Spotify/Apple Music/CD


Listen Now

For Past Dates: VISIT HERE
and click "PAST"

Downloadable materials

Includes Stage Plot, Input list, Hospitality, and additional contact information

Includes Logos, photos, posters, and all approved marketing materials

Includes current set list, details for vocalists and solos for sound and lights

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